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Center of Gravity

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Center of Gravity

Unread postby jedi on Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:49 am

When you look at camper specifications and they refere to center of gravity, where is this measurement taken from?

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Re: Center of Gravity

Unread postby Atchafalaya_man on Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:56 pm

For most all truck campers, the COG is measured from the tailgate end, and forward towards the cab of the truck. Many campers will have a line or mark on the side of the camper to indicate its location.

As an example, if your camper has a 58 inch COG, when properly loaded in a long-bed (8 foot) truck, the COG will be 10 inches in front of the middle of the bed.

Provided your truck's rear axle is perfectly centered in the bed, this would place the COG 10 inches in front of the rear axle.

View the COG as if all the weight of the camper were sitting on a playground See-Saw and the rear axle of your truck was the 'pivot point' of the See-Saw.

If you had a zero inch COG, then when properly loaded, 100% of the camper's weight would be theoretically pushing straight down, right over the axle.

Actually the weight is spread out over the whole floor of the pickup, but 'mathematically', it's centered/balanced over that point. Move the COG slightly rearward, and the front wheels of the truck lose some weight, or move it forward, and they gain some weight.

It is preferred to have the COG ahead of the rear axle for handling purposes. Anyway, in the real world of camper use, most often, practically all of the weight of the camper resides on the rear axle, with only a few hundred pounds being carried by the front axle.

Hope this helps you understand why the number is important. You can alter the COG slightly by loading materials more forward or rearward inside your camper. Heavy stuff 'forward' is usually preferred.

Doug in Louisiana
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