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TV & Invertors

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TV & Invertors

Unread postby on Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:47 pm

Hey guys, I'm new to the site.

This is an issue I battle with and maybe you can help. Essentially we love shutting things down at 9pm and going inside for a shower and to watch a nice movie with some vino. The problem is that sometimes I get to watch the movie and sometimes the invertor trips half way. When I start the movie, I always have the batteries charged up to 90%, so no issues there. I've found that if other things kick in such as furnace, water pump, lights, is causes the invertor to trip. Other times it'll just trip 3/4 way through the movie, which sucks.

I have a Sunset Trail 2015 ST250RB trailer. We camp off grid using two 12v deep cycle Nautilus Ultras in line ($250 each, so they are good quality). At night I run out Honda 2000 generator for two hours to get them up to 90% (it never goes to full charge unless I'm at home on charge over night).

Inside I have a 500 watt invertor plugged into the 12v socket and I then obviously plug the 110v to into the invertor. I bought this invertor because it's silent and had no annoying fan or warning beeps as many do. It also has the cable allowing me to go directly onto the battery.

What do you guys think the problem is? Do I need a bigger invertor? I'm told the tv only needs about 200 watts. I'm also told that if I splash out on a 2000watts invertor, it'll kill the batteries quicker. Last night I read that if I plug into the 12v socket, I should have a load above 100watts.

In an ideal world I'd love to have heat and water and lights while watching the movie but essentially I just want to watch a full movie. It suck when I drag the wife from the fire. Shower and settle into a bottle of wine and then it trips. Leading wifey to look at me saying "I told you so chump".

Thanks for looking at this. We're about to do a 2week trip and we'd love to solve it.

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