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Unread postby govols on Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:50 pm

What is the cause of the "floaty" feel?

We weighed the whole rig with what I thought was an empty fresh tank forward of the axles, and medium full grey and black tanks aft of the axles after camping in the driveway. All was well. We weighed again this spring on our way to the mountains, and found that the tongue weight was very light compared to the camper. Well, the waste tanks had "de-winterizing" water aboard, and the fresh tank was emptied in the fall and discovered to be 30 minutes worth of draining full.

I think my fresh tank might have been giving me tongue weight and when we weighed with it empty but the waste tanks carrying about a third of a load each, it took a lot of weight and shifted it rearward.

We were running mostly under 55mph so we didn't have a lot of sway, but it felt real floaty. Was that the light tongue?

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