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Battery Box and 500 watt inverter

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Battery Box and 500 watt inverter

Unread postby govols on Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:27 am

Hi. New here and to RVs; we've only camped once in the driveway and one four day weekend in the fall before winterizing.

So, I had to exchange the camper battery because the old one wouldn't take a full charge when I brought it in for winter. I guess the old dumb converter and I killed it by over charging and under maintenance. So, with a new battery, I decided to add another before putting it into service. I'll have 2 group 24s, and I'm going to install them in a Rigid tool box I found at Home Depot.There is room for two batteries plus extra. Also, I'm installing a 500 watt inverter. I'm planning to use 4ga wire on about a 10 foot run, and a 50 amp fuse at the batter box. One idea that I'm pondering is mounting a terminal block on the box that the battery pack connects to, with the fuse and and disconnect inside the box, and both the factory cables and the inverter cables simply hooked to the terminals outside. I should then be able to disconnect those hookups and pull the whole box in winter. Another thing I'm considering is putting charging lugs on the box for easy deep charging and maybe a watering system for easy maintenance.

Another project I'm considering is changing out the converter to one with a four stage charger. I suppose the only thing to be careful of on that mod is to ensure I choose a converter with the same current as the factory so that I don't overload the original cables. With that mod in place maybe I can just leave the camper plugged in and not have to worry to much about killing a PAIR rather than just a single battery. I guess charging time is double now, also.

So, any thoughts about whether these are good, fair, or just plain silly mods I'm planning?
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Re: Battery Box and 500 watt inverter

Unread postby RonJK on Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:13 pm

I would say by the sounds of it, that you know way more about the modifications than I would.

If I ever need electrical advice I know who to ask.
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