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08 fleetwood prowler A/C

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08 fleetwood prowler A/C

Unread postby dieselprowler on Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:54 pm

Hey everyone... first post on this site. Hoping someone can help me out.
I bought a honda 3000eu generator, I start up my A/C, and within approximately 30 seconds it kicks out my generator on overload. I tried my generator on my buddys 5th wheel camper that I assume has a bigger A/C unit, and it ran fine. I called the technician and he said that a 3000watt generator is marginal for A/C units. he then said they could install a capacitor so there wouldnt be such a surge when initially starting the unit up. Im considering doing this since its only 100 dollars for parts and installation. I was under the understanding that this generator should be plenty to run the A/C.
I ran this generator with nothing else electrical on in the camper at the time. Is there something that im doing wrong ? or is this generator just simply not enough? I just find it strange that I can run my friends no problem and mine kicks out. I believe the camper I have uses 12,500 btus. Im not sure if his is bigger or not. His is about a 30 foot fifth wheel with a suspected at least similar rating as mine I would imagine. Can anyone help me here ?
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Re: 08 fleetwood prowler A/C

Unread postby Mike in Calgary on Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:56 am

3000 watts should run your AC. Maybe your friend's trailer has the capacitor installed. I can run my AC on low setting off of a 15 amp circuit, which is about 1650 watts.
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Re: 08 fleetwood prowler A/C

Unread postby LoudRam on Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:07 pm

Does you friends 5th have two AC's? Is it a 50A service? If so each one of those AC's could be smaller than your one and your gen will handle one of the smaller ones easily.

If not I agree with Mike about the cap. I can run my AC off of a 15A circuit too. But that's maxxing out the circuit.
As for your 3000w gen, I would guess that's peak power output and not continuous duty. At 120v that's 25amps peak. Typically you don't want to load a circuit past the 80% point to account for spikes and start up amp draw on motors. That's 20amps. And I'm guessing that's what your gen is rated to run at continuous. That should be enough to run your AC. Just for the fun of it check to see what size breaker your AC is fed off of.
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