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Converting a '67 transit bus to an RV

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Converting a '67 transit bus to an RV

Unread postby mandrasca on Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:29 pm

Hi there. I'm new to this forum and am in the market for some decent information:
Two weeks ago I purchased a 1967 GMC TDH 5303 transit bus in Calgary, that had been in regular service up until January of this year. I drove the unit to Toronto with absolutely no problems, and am now trying to assess all the options to replate it in Ontario and drive it once in a while on the road. I would like to leave it bone stock and plate it under the historical vehicle designation but due to its weight I'm finding out that it may be difficult to reclassify as anything other than a commercial vehicle. I don't mind having the air brakes totally checked out but I'd like to avoid the semi-annual inspection mandated for commercial vehicles of that size. Furthermore, I'd like to keep it original; for example, it has no 4-way flashers ( as they were not mandated in '67) and I had one mechanic tell me that they must be retrofitted! It will not be used as a commercial bus; I just want a show-and-shine vehicle!

Does anyone know of a way to get around these problems? If I reclassify it as an RV, must I gut the interior and go through the motions of installing the usual modcons? I'd rather not, but I will if I have to. I would, above all, like to avoid the hassle of keeping it as a nominal commercial vehicle given that I am not going to work it.
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