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Class C Dining Mod part 1

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Class C Dining Mod part 1

Unread postby mderick on Wed May 21, 2014 5:37 pm

HI All:
New member here, just joined. I was searching around for some information, that I will ask about in a later post, but then came across this forum, looks great!!
I have just started a mod on our Class C. we found the living/Dining area too small for the two of us and our dog so started thinking. what the plan is, is to change the dinette into an L shaped couch, and remove a chair.
this is what I started with:


The first step was to remove the one chair, this opened up a lot of space, and as we never really used it that much, why not? if we need the space we could always use a small folding chair.

Step 1.jpg

After this it was onto the dinette. you can see that there is a container in it, this is a battery for the diesel that we have.


now the dog picture, have to have this:


In order to take out the bench seat I had to remove the container from the outside, and then remove everything around it carefully, as I anticipated re-purposing every piece of wood possible.


Now that I completed all this it was time to start putting it all back together. I'll start my part 2 in a second post.
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