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HOWTO: Use the "Friends & Foes" Feature

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HOWTO: Use the "Friends & Foes" Feature

Unread postby PrivatePilot on Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:24 pm

A new feature of this forum software is the "Friends & Foes" options.

Basically, if you add a fellow member to your "Friends" list there are various areas of the board where you will be notified if any of your friends are online. This is mostly informational but in some areas of the board (such as the Private Messaging system) having another member of the board added as a "Friend" will streamline some features.

If you add a member to your "Foe" list, this members posts will no longer appear to you, nor will they be able to send PM's to you or contact you via email or any other board service. This allows you to personally block a member which you may find abrasive, or otherwise problematic in your view. It will not effect this members standing, nor will it effect other members ability to see or respond to this members posts - it only effects your own personal account.

All members should be very careful (and consider their options first) before utilizing the "Foe" option as it is a hard-hammering approach to solving problems. Remember that this members posts will no longer show in message threads (although other members posts quoting them will show their text) so it may make following discussions somewhat challenging or confusing.

That said, if you have a big problem with someone (or just need some time to cool off about someone's posts you may feel strongly about) you can add them (hopefully temporarily!) to your Foes list.

In order to add or remove members from either list take the following steps. You can try doing this (while reading this post) by simply opening the Chatterbox in a new browser window (or tab) and flipping back and forth.

It really is quite easy.

To add a FRIEND:

At the top of the main page click on the "User control panel" - I'll call it the "UCP" from here on out. This is the new panel that replaces the old "Profile" panel you were familiar with from the old board software.

Once the UCP is open you will see 6 tabs. On the far right is the "Friends & Foes" tab - click on it.

You will see a fairly straightforward panel appear and you will be on the "Manage Friends" option by default. To add a friend simply enter their usernames on the window where it says "add new friends". You can add multiple members at once but be sure to put each users name on a SEPARATE line in the window provided.

If you need help finding a username there is a search option avaialable - just click on the link provided and follow the instructions to search.

Once finished with the members you want (you can come back and add or remove at anytime so you don't need to do it all at once) click on the "Submit" button. You will ask to confirm your request - click should be confirmed that "your list was successfully updated" and the members you added will now show on your "Friends" list on the "Friends & Foes" page.


To add a foe we follow a similar process.

From the same "Friends and Foes" tab in the UCP but select the "Manage foes" option on the left instead of the friends tab.

Follow the same directions as above - add the user name(s) as required (Hopefully not more then one!) and then click on the "Submit" button. You will be asked to confirm your choice and then your list will be updated.


Anyone who uses the "Foe" function should strongly consider eventually removing the member in question from their Foe list as time passes. We understand that perhaps the easiest way to deal with personal frustration over someone's words may be to just add them to your Foe list and wash your hands of it, but as time passes and your issues subside, you may wish to see this members posts again so you can participate in threads equally.

Any questions or concerns? Post em here!
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