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HOWTO: Upload/Attach Images To Your Posts

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HOWTO: Upload/Attach Images To Your Posts

Unread postby PrivatePilot on Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:20 pm

It's very easy to include images or photos with your posts here at

Please note that there are two different ways to include images - one method is to use our own built-in photo upload option (which will both host the image and attach a thumbnail to your post), and the other method is to use an external hosting option such as Photbucket and then link to the image.

Generally, for most people adding a single picture to a post, there is no need to host the image elsewhere - we can do it all for you.

If you wish to add a photo to your signature block, please follow these directions instead - in this case you *will* need to host your signature image elsewhere.

To attach a single (or multiple) images to a post, simply follow these directions.

1/ Type out your message as you would normally do.

2/ When done, look just below the text input window - see a tab that says "Upload attachment"? Click it!

3/ You will see several features appear - a window that says "Filename", and "File comment".

4/ Click on the "browse" button next to the filename window - this will open a popup window on your computer where you can select the file on your local hard drive.

5/ Once you select the file, you can, if you so choose (but it's not required) put a brief description of the picture in the "File comment" window below the filename window. If you do this the text you input will be shown along with the picture itself.

6/ If you want to include multiple images simply click on the "Add The File" button between image selections - you can add multiple pictures at once to a single post!

7/ All done? Your text is all ready and your images are attached? Click "Submit" as you normally would. The forum takes over from there - your images will be uploaded, hosted automatically, and attached to your post.

If you are uploading a large image, or numerous small images please be advised that depending on the speed of your internet connection, uploading the images could take some please be patient.

If you receive an error message, don't fear - your post is not lost - simply click your browsers "Back" button to return to the input window. Try again and it should work fine!

You are still free to use offsite hosting solutions such as and simply link back to the image here.

I've attached a photo to this post so you can see the result.
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