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Acceptable Use Policy (The Rules)

Details on our acceptable use policy, and information regarding how this board works.

Acceptable Use Policy (The Rules)

Unread postby PrivatePilot on Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:11 am

As a permanent reference for everyone, here is our current user conduct policy.

We update this policy from time to time to reflect changes in such - please read any responses to this post to ensure you are fully informed!

In order to maintain a sense of civility and ensure that our membership is not negatively effected by the actions of the few, we have placed these simple rules.

They are occasionally updated as indicated in the subject line.

Please read the rules, and please follow them. By continuing to be a member here, you agree to adhere to these rules.

1/ Play nice. Simple, right? Spirited discussion, different opinions, and the expression of such in a tactful way is part of any interesting forum, and is welcome. Name calling, insults, or similar will warrant action. We're all adults here, so please govern yourself accordingly.

2/ Take it to the moderators before the admins. If the forum shows a moderator name, and you have a particular issue with a post or a member, please PM them first. If your issue warrants further discussion or possible action, they will either act upon the issues using their moderator privileges, or bring the matter to the attention of an administrator.

Consider them the first line of defense, and the "go to" guys/gals.

3/ DO NOT COMPLAIN TO THE MODS/ADMINS WHEN IT IS NOT WARRANTED. What warrants a note to the moderators or admins is blatant abuse of the forum or a flagrant exception to these rules. Cursing, swearing, threats, spam, etc.

Misunderstandings or disagreements over an otherwise normal discussion thread may not be a valid reason behind a complaint, so ask yourself first if its really justified before deciding to file one. Remember, our moderators also enjoy spending time on the forum, and keeping their moderator duties to a minimum is appreciated.

Use your best judgement please.

4/ We (The admins/owners/moderators) reserve the right to do as we see fit, and of benefit to the community atmosphere here at the We do not expect everyone to agree with any actions we may take, but we reserve the right to take such actions regardless of said fact. You may not like or agree with decisions we make, but they are our prerogative and are not up for debate.

5/ Posts that turn negative may be locked with or without warning. Please keep the threads civil to avoid this unfortunate action.

6/ The "Edit" functionality that we have enabled here at allows our members to edit their own posts to correct errors or fix broken links, etc. This feature is not to be abused to "Change History", deface your own posts in the event of disagreement, or misconstrue the history of a post.

Regarding our member accounts:

1/ Members who's accounts are not in good standing due to account limitation, suspension, or banning may not personally use an alternate (new or second) account in order to access the services of, or any of its subsidiary sites.

2/ We will provide one initial warning to any member who blatantly breaks any of the cardinal rules. Cursing/swearing in a derogatory manner to another member, threatening, other clear-cut abusive behavior or sending distressing messages/PM's. Further warnings may cause a review of your account standing.

3/ Spammers will be banned immediately. We will "shoot first, and ask questions later" in this regard - this is for the benefit of all of our membership.

4/ Posting adult content is NOT allowed and we will ban any member that does so.

And last but not least, have fun.

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