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FAQ: What do the forum and post icons mean?

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FAQ: What do the forum and post icons mean?

Unread postby PrivatePilot on Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:39 pm

As a reference for all of our members here is a list of many (but not quite all) of the main images that you may see attached to posts and forums here at

As you associate yourself with the board these icons can tell you at a glance what's happening with various forums, and posts within them. To make the process easier, here's what they mean:

Image Unread topic that you started

Image Your topic, unread, but locked.

Image Unread topic, locked.

Image Your topic, unread, considered a "Hot Topic".

Image Unread topic, Considered a "Hot Topic".

Image Topic, unread.

Image Topic, you've read it, you created it.

Image Read topic, but locked.

Image Your topic, read, "Hot topic".

Image Topic, read, hot.

Image Regular topic, you've read it.

Image Regular topic, has been moved to another forum.

Image Sticky topic, unread, but locked.

Image Sticky topic, unread by you.

Image Sticky topic, you read it already, locked.

Image Sticky topic, you've read it.

Image Forum with unread messages contained therein.

Image Forum, but you've read everything within it.

Image An "Annouce" topic (admins/mods only), unread by you.

Image Announce topic, you've read it.

There's more then what I've listed, but I think that covers most of the main ones.
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