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Details on our acceptable use policy, and information regarding how this board works. Mission Statement

Unread postby PrivatePilot on Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:36 pm

The goal of is to provide a public, professional, and fair online forum for the discussion of topics relating to Recreational Vehicles. is offered free of charge - we will never ask our members to pay or donate for our services, nor will we ever use your personal information for marketing or "spam" purposes.

We promise to provide a professionally operated forum that is fairly administered and moderated. Our moderators have been carefully chosen based on the administrations combined decades of forum management experience to ensure a fair experience for all. We have a clearly laid out code of conduct for our moderator team that ensures that moderation takes place based only on facts, and never based on personal disagreements or other unjust reasons.

Forum-level moderators are clearly indicated in our index listing below the name of the forum - these moderators oversee their own personal forums according to our code of conduct, and take pride in doing so. Our global moderators have the ability to oversee moderation of all forums, as well as assist forum-level moderators when required. Our entire moderation and administrative team is public in nature - we do not believe that anonymous administration or moderation serves the best interests of our membership.

Both our administrators and moderators are active members in the forum and are easily accessible by all members via our PM (private message) system. If you have a question or concern that one of us can assist you with, please feel free to contact us anytime for a fast and friendly reply.

We urge our membership to not only participate in the forum, but to also help shape it as we grow - if you have a suggestion that you feel could make us better, please let us know - we want our members to feel that they are part of a community, not just another member.

Thank you, and enjoy the forum!
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