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Letting Fly

Got a favorite campground, have a question about one, or had a problem? Discuss here.

Letting Fly

Unread postby Little Kopit on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:50 am

I just did a rant at the big neighbors,, in General. It's called '"Being Neighborly". It was precipitated by someone asking how come my request for info about how to get to IRV2 got deleted. Admin came on a posted the situation 'was sorted" Yep, those words, not 'solved by pm', which would be more normal.

& yes, I've found out about other places via a former moderator over there, again through pm.

But, it sort of bugged me. I started in forums over there and I learned the 'thou must not mention that there is a world' practice over there. I wondered, but for all I knew that was forum etiquette.

& BTW that owner run site, not North American I mentioned, that's a site for camping and camp oven cooking in Oz.

But if you agree with me, that good neighborliness has its merits, far be for me to other than happy at some support.

& I, I took the road less travelled by

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