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Rememberable Trip

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Rememberable Trip

Unread postby Frank Henn on Mon May 26, 2008 12:01 pm

Just got back in from a trip. It was rather frustrating, Made a reservation thru Reserve America, at a state campground that we have never been too. Got down there Saturday AM and found the site not as advertised. The computer site said this was a 40 foot pull thru. well they had built a pervilon right in the middle of the site. Now way could I have gotten our 5th wheel into that site. Being a holiday week end there were no other site available. Headed back home stopped at every RV Park on the way. Finally found one that had 2 site left paid the $54.00 for two knights. Turns out there were a bunch of construction workers building a new pipe line there. They apparently work 7 days a week as the went to work between 5 am and 6 am. I guess this one will go into the memories area. The main question I have after this trip, is how can you be assured of the right spot for you camper while making reservations thru this outfit or any other on line reservation centers :?: :?: :?:
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Re: Rememberable Trip

Unread postby catmom on Mon May 26, 2008 12:13 pm

That's a shame about your site! The only way to be reasonably sure (and even then, not 100%) is to call the CG directly and ask about the specific site. Usually we've found ReserveAmerica to be fairly accurate, but sometimes other factors - such as the gazebo - often aren't mentioned. That may be the fault of the state park system too; RA can only post what it's told about the sites, and we've noticed that some SP CGs list every site as the same length (not possible), stuff like that. Better luck next time!!
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Re: Rememberable Trip

Unread postby skipnchar on Mon May 26, 2008 8:27 pm

Sorry to hear but even CALLING on the phone wouldn't assure you of accuracy. They are only PROVIDED the information by the campgrounds management and it is often years old. We generally avoid pull through sites whenever possible because they're OFTEN very difficult to get a longer trailer into. Campground designers seem to take a particular delight in placing a tree right at the apex of the curve so unless you can take the turn extra wide you almost have to back in. That's the way I usually handle pull through sites and this does help.
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Re: Rememberable Trip

Unread postby Carolina Cruiser on Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:54 am

We run into your situation from time to time but it has never been to the point of not fitting. If it is not a crazy distance we usually take off season day trips to check out campgrounds and their sites. If it is to far then we call the actual state park campground and talk to someone who knows the park. We actually ask to speak to the person that knwo the sites. We have never been led wrong. Something that the GA COE campgrounds have done that I really like is; when you pull up the map for the campground and click on the site number a picture pops up of that site. Very helpful and according to them it does not take a lot of effort to make it happen.
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Re: Rememberable Trip

Unread postby JQSpree on Tue Jun 03, 2008 5:06 pm

I had similar concerns for Memorial Day weekend and our 1st trip to a Calif State Park with an rv. The info in my different guide books is not always the same. TL Directory may say one thing, AAA another, Calif Camping guide something else. Since I did not know the sites, I called the ranger station in the district and asked about the max length designation. The ranger was not absolutely sure. We have a 28' trailer and a crew cab shortbed truck so if I only have 40-42' overall, this would not work. I saw some listings with a max rv length of 35' and overall length of 40'. What is the 5 ' for? We booked the site at Lake Tahoe for the holiday weekend but was never sure what we would find after we got there.

We had a huge site and could get our rig in there even though I didn't back in as far as I should of. I parked the truck across the front of the driveway but my wheels were off the paved area, which could be against the rules. We also drove and walked thru the CG checking out other sites and found several that while long enough, would have had a tree or rock where our slides would have been and would not have worked. So I too see a continuing problem with going to places you have not been and having a specific site. If we had booked one of the ones that wouldn't work, would they have let us switch upon arrival? Don't know.
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Re: Rememberable Trip

Unread postby Zinger on Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:41 am

my last site was interesting also the hookups were on the wrong end of the site and there were trees once we jockied things around got the slide between a couple of trees I was happy and setup went to put the awning out and there was a tree smack in the center so we didnt put the awning out last weekend. Frustrating.. It is early so the seasonals are building decks and what not but it wasnt that early.
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