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New truck or not?

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New truck or not?

Unread postby govols on Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:52 pm

Background. The truck I have has a rating of 6500# towing. The camper is rated to 6800#. We camped in the driveway last summer, and once we had gone back in the house and garage for all that we had forgotten, had used the bath and kitchen all weekend so that the holding tanks were 2/3 or so full, we loaded up, hooked up, and pulled to a local truck stop to weigh and dump tanks. The camper, fully loaded with gear and full tanks, came in at 5700#--well under both its own rating and that of my truck.

So, then we went on a fall camp via rural US highways from east TN to north GA. Winding river roads and a couple of 9% grades through the mountains of eastern TN, western NC, and northern GA. Truck pulled it, but had to pull 2nd gear to do it in several instances; between big rotors and trailer brakes we had no trouble stopping. All in all the match up is adequate, though a bit under powered for our region. One can't leave the Tennessee Valley without climbing grades, and everywhere is another climb to suffer.

Now this old truck of mine is a paid for 2008, with a lifetime power-train warranty and a lifetime service contract that comes with a $100 deductible per non-warranty repair. We only plan to pull the camper a few times a year for long weekends throughout the Southeast.

Question: Do I keep an eye out for a more powerful truck that makes towing a better experience, or just drive this rig til the wheels fall of and have the dealer's service department keep putting new parts under it until we upgrade to a camper it simply can't pull.
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Re: New truck or not?

Unread postby RonJK on Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:47 am

If you have a lifetime warranty and the truck is doing the job, why not keep it.

Going up a steep grade in second gear is second nature to those of us that live in British Columbia as our grades on major highways can be up to 8%.

We have a Class A that we tow a car behind and to get out of the valley we live in, we have a 15 mile grade that is between 6 and 8% all the way to the top. We do quite a bit of this hill in second gear.

So, we just sit back and enjoy the scenery. After all that's why we have an RV, not to be is a rush.
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Re: New truck or not?

Unread postby Zinger on Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:47 pm

the biggest issue to me would be are you comfortable towing this way i was once in a similar situation for a short time because i didnt feel like i was under control of the trailer i wanted to be
Have a good one
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