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Norcold Fridge AC HE error with Dinosaur board

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Norcold Fridge AC HE error with Dinosaur board

Unread postby dvleemin on Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:51 am

I have a Norcold 1200LRIM fridge, with a Dinosaur board that I'm having issues with.

What started was I moved the RV, and after I re-plugged it in the fridge errored out with an AC LO error. I double-checked the voltage at the board and it was 115.0, so as expected. I started the generator, and the code went away. When I stopped the generator the code never came back - no idea what happened.

Then the next day, the I noticed the fridge running on LP (it had been set to AU) even though there was still power. So I turned it to AC to force it on power, and it seemed to work. Then the following day the fridge had an AC HE error, but was still operating (fridge and freezer were cold).

I have contacted Dinosaur support, and I have to say I was very disappointed. they are extremely slow to respond, and have not been helpful - they seem to resent providing support. When I told them about the AC HE error their only response was to say the heating elements had failed. In any case, I checked the resistance of the two heating elements, when cold, and they seem to be within the expected range (would have been nice of their support to suggest I do this). I told Dinosaur this, and they then came back with the following:

"If you are checking it when the elements are hot it would eliminate the elements being the problem. If you are allowing them to cool and checking them at that point they aren't failing at that point."

So the question I have is what should the resistance be when the elements are hot? According to the Norcold maintenance manual it should be 58-62 at room temperature, but they don't talk about testing when they are hot.

I'm wondering if Dinosaur is just saying that to avoid having to actually replace the board.

Anyone have thoughts?
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Re: Norcold Fridge AC HE error with Dinosaur board

Unread postby RonJK on Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:24 pm


You did not mention how old the fridge is? Or what the warranty is on the board??

If the fridge and board is still under warranty it should be the dealer that deals with the troubleshooting.

If the board is not under warranty any longer they probably will not replace.

Good luck
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