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NEW to fulltiming - Advice/Opinions/HELP! (long)

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NEW to fulltiming - Advice/Opinions/HELP! (long)

Unread postby CCM187 on Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:48 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site...actually, I'm new to the whole RV thing. Opinions and ideas needed!

My boyfriend and I just bought a 2004 Heritage Franklin. Its 42 ft long and has 3 slides. We recently found out that we need to move within the next few months...Tossed around the option to continue renting, did the whole "Let's buy a house!" thing, looked at a few houses up for auction, talked to a family member about remodeling their basement into an apartment, and even considered buying a mobile home and getting set up on my family's farm... All of these sound like decent options, but after looking into each one, their downfalls outweighed the good things about this point in our life, anyway...

So, here we are now... We made the decision to buy the 5th wheel and live in it full time for a year(s).. IN OHIO.. After the winter we just had, I'm surprised I'm not the one telling me I'm crazy :shock: Either way, I need opinions, ideas, advice..anything you all can tell me!

LOCATION: My family has a 90 acre farm in Ohio. We are allowed to put it on my parents or grandparents land. Looked around yesterday at possible places on each property. It needs a 220 hookup, which my grandparents have in their garage. They also have a water hookup coming up from the basement. Option 1: put it on the side or behind the house to be close to the hookups. Option 2: Put it down by the barn (about 100 ft from house) and run the hookups to us.. My parents house does not have a 220 hookup, but their house is newer and capable of having more things running off of the electric at once. They also have water hookups inside the basement and garage. Option 3: put it at the side of their house, use the water hookup from the basement and have a 220 hookup installed. Option 4: put it beside the barn (on an actual driveway) and run water to us..and have the 220 installed. Which one of these sounds like the best, safest, or smartest plan?

WEATHER: Because we live in Ohio, the summer will be fine.. (I've shown horses forever and have lived out of horse trailers on and off for years), but the winters will be a whole new ball game! What all needs to go into this to make sure we're warm and the pipes wont freeze? Ive looked up a lot of stuff, and everyone seems to have a different way with a different combination to keep things running in the winter. What are the safest and best options? Are there ways to do it and not have it cost as much as the 5th wheel, itself, did? What exactly is a heated RV basement, and can one be added if it does not have one? Heated hoses: do they really work? Or is heated tape the way to go? Propane heating at a lower temp will be used to, hopefully, help with the freezing..but we're not wanting to heat with propane. Space heaters? Solar panels? Install a wood stove? Other options? ...Water: opinions on using the water holding tank or having the water line hooked up at all times? ...Grey & Black Water - There is no place to run a line for a run off, but we have a few dumping stations fairly close by. What is our best option here? If at all possible, I'd like to avoid having to thaw yesterdays digested lunch with a hairdryer :? ...Skirting: we plan to add a skirt around the bottom - best insulated option? The original plan was to put it inside the barn for the winter, but the measurement info we received was a little off. Needless to say, the barn doors arent tall enough to get this bad boy inside there. Do we NEED to build some kind of full enclosure, or will we survive outside? Does anything need to be done to the slides in the winter?

Also, any information on average cost (monthly) during warm and cold weather would be greatly appreciated! I know the initial winterizing project could get pricey, but not factoring that in... Approximately, what are we looking at? Hoping the average cost monthly should be considerably less than $800-$1000?

Any tips, tricks, DIY projects, etc are welcomed for anything and everything... We have until November/December before the winter will hit, but would love to have a plan and get a set up going now.

Sorry this was so long...but thank you for reading! :mrgreen:
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Re: NEW to fulltiming - Advice/Opinions/HELP! (long)

Unread postby RonJK on Tue Jun 03, 2014 4:19 pm

First off welcome to the forum.
Winter in the RV is a bit of a challenge, especially if you do not have an option for your sewer.
A heated basement is all tanks and water lines run in an insulted space between the floor and the bottom of the unit. A heat duct from the furnace keeps it warm.
If you do not have this from the factory it is very difficult to add later. Short of skirting and using electric heaters under the unit.
When you have to move to dump tanks, this option won't work.
You have to be able to use heat tape on your water hose and insulate and heat a sewer hose also.
Space heaters for heat can have drawbacks over propane, especially if your unit has a heated basement.The propanr heater provides the heat to the basement.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you.
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Re: NEW to fulltiming - Advice/Opinions/HELP! (long)

Unread postby frank on Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:39 am

Full timing is a different then just moving around like we do we go south every winner we talked to a lot of full timers and they are all prepared for cold weather it has already been mentioned about pipes freezing holding tanks freezing my best advice to you is to lots of reading and research if not it can and will get very expensive for repairs best of luck
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