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Some of the problems I feel RVing has

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Some of the problems I feel RVing has

Unread postby Dog Father on Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:17 pm

I first began camping many years ago. In 2003 I bought a used Class C and started RVing full time. That lasted
1 1/2 yrs. I then went to half time (all summer in the RV in MI) and living in a apt in FL most of the year. In 2007
when fuel costs went so high, I became more of a weekender RVer. What I found full timing is to be comfortable
for long periods of time. You really a large RV (say 25 feet) , with at least 1 slide.

This means either a travel trailer (TT), or a 5er (5th wheel) or an fairly expensive motor home (MH).

Some disadvantages of MHs are, only 2 gas chassis makers (GM and Ford), having to buy an expensive and complex
piece of equipment from a RV Dealer someone I would not normally do business with). We all know about Diesel Pushers. While they are very nice, they are very expensive, to buy repair etc. Deprecation, interest expense, insurance costs,
maintenance and repairs all add up to a lot of cost. Also, with a MH, you really need a toad (small car for convenient shopping, etc). Un-hooking a MH, every couple of days is not fun. Now you would have two motor vehicles and associated costs, in order to RV long term.

The toad towing apparatus, is also an expensive and complex system, with another set of possible issues. You also
can't stay in the MH, when it is getting major service or repair. When this happens to a full time RVer, they have to
stay in at Motel6, or some other place.

Many TT and 5ers, come with slides, giving a decent amount of living space. Getting around some of these issues. That
HMs have. But most of them weigh so much, you need a specialized 3/4 or 1 ton TV (tow vehicle, a pick-up truck), to
pull them. There are only 3 makers of 3/4 & 1 ton trucks, the Big 3 (GM, Ford & Dodge). Meaning less competition
in price and a limited selection.

Most 3/4 & 1 ton pick-up also come w/4 wheel drive. This is a costly, complex, high maintenance and MPG reducing option. That has no real value to RVers, who generally do not go where it snows. Those trucks often come with other
questionable options, more designed to make profit, than do anything for the consumer. The MPG of gasoline powered
3/4 & 1 ton pick-ups, is not good. Like 7-8 MPG hwy and 4-5 MPG city, that's a lot of cost, in fuel to go places and see
things. Which is why your out RVing in the first place.

These trucks are also fairly expensive. The diesel trucks used to be a great way to pull an RV. They had a long life and
good resale. However, new emission requirements, changed all that. Adding more cost and undoubtedly reduced reliability.
I would not buy a new diesel pick-up, at this point.

This is just my experience and thinking. My Class C has seen better days. So, I'm wondering if my RVing days are over.
I guess they are, unless I can find a more cost effective way to RV. I'm too old to sleep in a tent and camp, like I did
when young.

Doug Baldwin FL
Dog Father
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Re: Some of the problems I feel RVing has

Unread postby frank on Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:39 am

I would like to welcome you to the form :D
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Re: Some of the problems I feel RVing has

Unread postby RonJK on Tue Jan 01, 2013 4:20 pm

If you compare the cost of driving / flying and staying in hotels, buying meals with the cost of travelling in an RV the cost to travel in the RV is still a lot cheaper.

So unless you are not going to go any where at all RV'ing is the way and the lifestyle.

Good luck
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