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Give Rv'ing in Mexico a try?

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Give Rv'ing in Mexico a try?

Unread postby beddows on Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:39 pm

Business is down this year due to the paranoia level, but I do it every year with no problem. If you want to give it a try, a few RV parks are making it easier to get your feet wet by offering free or almost free caravans:

Chris, who owns an RV park just north of Mazatlan is going to run a couple of caravans down to his resort next season.. Here is the link His park is located in Celestino Gaza on the the ocean about 70 km north of Mazatlan. Info on the logistics of RV'ing in Mexico can be found on my site at

I am also going to be talking to Rafael at on Lake Chapala about doing caravans down to their resort when I see him in April. He seems interested in the idea. That park is about 70 km south of Guadalajara. Also Carole, the owner of, takes a couple of caravans down each year (almost free). That resort is located about 40 min north of Puerto Vallarta. Chris at Celestino is American, Carole at La Penita is Canadian, and Rafael at Roca Azul is a Mexican who speaks fluent English.

This is a very safe way to try out RV'ing in Mexico as you are in a fairly large group and they stick to the toll roads. You can expect to drop about $200-$300 each way in tolls depending on axle, but fuel is cheaper. Mexican toll roads are up to US interstate standards for the most part.
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Re: Give Rv'ing in Mexico a try?

Unread postby frank on Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:27 am

Well I can say is I'm not going to put down going to Mexico so all I'm going to say is we stayed in a park in Texas in the Rio Grande Valley area and they had the border patrol come in and give him us some advice about going to Mexico and only place they said that would be even reasonable to go to was Progreso and we went there about four times but we stayed right on the main street and it was quite quiet.
So that is about it I will not promote going to Mexico going to Mexico it is very dangerous you do not know when something is going to happen I do realize it can happen right here at home
so anyone going to Mexico be very careful
frank :o
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Re: Give Rv'ing in Mexico a try?

Unread postby yr2012 on Thu May 05, 2011 10:50 pm

Mexico in the whole is as dangerous as staying in the USA. Sure it has some really nasty sections, but the USA has Detroit and Gary and Chicago, which are equally as bad. Maybe not to the degree of decaps, but murder is murder no matter the selection of weapons or reasons why. I haven't heard of any American's being killed there, exc in the drug trade, which in itself draws its own conclusions.

As to travelling the countryside, we've found it highly desireable to do it alone rather than drawing attention by going in an organised groups. We have traversed Mexico and all the way to the Darien without any problems, then going by sea to Colombia and continuing to TDF and then back up the eastern side to Sao Paulo. It took a year using only a Jeep Wrangler with oversized tires and camping with a tent. We encountered banditos in Peru and Boliva, as was expected, but none in Mexico, Guatemala or Nicaragua.
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