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Arbutus RV and First Canadian Griup of Companies (FCPP)

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Arbutus RV and First Canadian Griup of Companies (FCPP)

Unread postby Elkenbill on Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:40 pm

Anyone wanting to purchase extended insurance from First Canadian Group Of Companies BE AWARE!!!! My husband and I purchased a brand new Citation travel trailer from Arbutus RV in Nanaimo in December 2007. At that time we traded in a Nash travel trailer with extended warranty. We contacted the dealer we had purchased the Nash and extended warranty from and explained we were selling the trailer and wanted a refund on the insurance. The dealer provided us with the necessary form which we filled out. Brian Gimmel of Arbutus RV then faxed that form to the insurance company for our refund. That was great. He then sold us an extended warranty package through First Canadian Group Of Companies, FCPP. We walked away felling well protected in our brand new travel trailer. Here it is now 3 years later. We are trading our Citation in for a Class A motorhome. I sent an email to Arbutus RV to simply get a pro-rated refund on the extended warranty policy we had bought from Brian Gimmel initially.  We have never made a claim.  I got the run around for a few days til I obtained the owner's email address. I attached every single email sent back and forth trying to resolve our situation. Then I got a response from the dealership saying they would have the insurance company get a hold of me which he finally did. A representative of FCPP informed me "that FCPP warranty is not elegible for a refund after 30 days."  We were absolutely floored. How could Arbutus RV sell such insurance, why did they not inform us of that, why would we think we would not have the same type of policy?!?!   Obviously Brian Gimmel had to know that was an important feature for us as he helped us get the refund back from the other company. This is an absolute sham and we will tell anyone and everyone who will listen.
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