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looking for advice for customising class C motorhomes

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looking for advice for customising class C motorhomes

Unread postby TheWinnebagoPrime on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:08 am

Hi everyone,

i'm heather, the main head of what we're calling The Winnebago Prime project, we're getting into an adventurous goal of wanting to turn a class C motorhome into a replica of a toy car that is from, with slight embarrassment when explaining to those who are not apart of the specific communities that would understand our endeavor, the Transformers toy franchise, specifically the character known as Rodimus Prime. the joke of it is that the character's car mode looks like a motorhome, Winnebago was the common name for the look. we thought it would be fun to make it a real thing. the initial plan is to take it on tour around north america to events and shows (like conventions and toy shows for example). we're in the planning process but we were thinking of turning the interior more into a party bus and not so much a home on wheels. but with the ability to turn seating into beds should we need it, such as off site accommodations, travelling, and even using the rig for what it's originally meant for, camping (it definitely would turn heads once the customising is completed). basically one big flashy party bus that can double as camper.

we are new to this and were thinking of how to contact RV savvy people to get all if not most of the answers to questions we have when going into the process of fully customising not only an RV but a vehicle in general. then i came across this forum and thought to try here.

we have yet to acquire a rig due to financing and since we want to completely alter a motorhome, we'd have to buy it outright. not exactly fun to explain should payments get missed and they go to repossess half a rig. we're hoping to find a 26-30 foot winnebago brand rig (zero slides) so that our project name would at least have some connection. but we'll take whatever we can get.

i know i use "we" in this often, the truth is it's a single person project with only a couple friends interested in assisting. so in truth i am on my own for most of the. even considered getting the 30ft rig with a rear bedroom and convert it into a mini apartment and live in it, leaving the rest of the rig as a party bus. which has lead me to researching boondocking and alternatives for power and even water use. as well as tiny living and alternatives used with it. (composting toilets, and mini apartment foot powered washing machines for clothing are brilliant)

but the fact of the matter is, i have very little idea in how to go about all this.

does anyone have experience with modifying or changing the internal layout of an RV, either by replacing cupboards or counters, kitchen, bathroom, even seating? if so how difficult would it be to completely remove everything and replace them with different overhead storage or add new seating? such as removing the dinette, kitchen, sofa(s), bed(not the overhead).

i know it varies with each model and how manufacturers construct them. 26-30ft rigs that have walls such as for bathroom/shower, do they need them for structural support of the roof especially when climbing up top for when maintenance is needed? or would leaving a wardrobe/pantry and refer be suffice enough for structural support.

one of the design plans in consideration is to completely remove the bathroom (and with it the fresh/grey/black tanks) for space for more seating. so if i use the rig for camping either gotta rough it or get a site at campgrounds with public washrooms and showers.

what it comes down to it is, we plan on gutting an entire rig, leaving only the refer and maybe a wardrobe/pantry, and making it one big mobile lounge. of course including passenger seatbelts on seating. all seating would be bolted down of course. solar conversion is also an idea we're looking into, to help with powering entertainment systems, lighting, especially while at events and can't have power hook up.

what is the oldest model class C that has solar conversion as a standard feature or can be easily converted? i know most of the newer models tend to have it. or is it specifically an additional feature that is requested?

does anyone know that if requested when purchasing a rig from dealers, more so maybe used dealers, would they be willing to remove interior items if they were in good condition? especially for their use if they ever need to replace items in other rigs they get. might help in pricing negotiations and time if we can work with dealers to help get most the work done professionally. not to mention recycle the old interior.

the design plans are adaptable and changeable should one or more ideas end up being far more trouble to remove than it would be to keep it. the timeline planning still gives me several years to hash out details (at least 3-6) so while i accumulate funding to purchase a rig and pay for the alterations i'm looking into all the research and information i can get. otherwise i might go stir crazy waiting, haha.

any advice is greatly appreciated. this is the only section that has ongoing threads so i do apologise if it is in the wrong section.

sorry this was a long read, thanks in advance
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Re: looking for advice for customising class C motorhomes

Unread postby Lostlamb on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:59 pm

It sounds like a really interesting project and I'd like to see pictures as you put this rig together. You might have trouble finding a campsite in a regular park if you build anything too weird, especially a "party bus," but it is an idea that some would find attractive. Maybe try contacting Winnebago (or another manufacturer) for a price on a bare bones unit. Good luck with your project!
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Re: looking for advice for customising class C motorhomes

Unread postby garyking on Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:24 am

This is a really good idea for customizing a van and making the interior really amazing. As the matter of fact, there are various organizations which provide these kinds of modification services. You can consult these organizations with a view to getting the best advice for your van. Otherwise, you can also youtube videos for the perfect guidance for the same.
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