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Why 1/2 ton trucks can't pull more using a higher axle ratio

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Why 1/2 ton trucks can't pull more using a higher axle ratio

Unread postby Doug_FL on Mon May 16, 2016 4:49 pm

I notice Chevy will only put a 3.73 rear gear in the 1500 Silverado. Nothing higher like a 3.92 or 4.10. Chevy has 2 V8s,
that have good power & torque, yet get pretty good MPG. The 5.3L & the 6.2L (6.2 has 420 hp & 460 ft-lb torque), yet
gets EPA MPG of 15 City & 21 hwy. 460 ft-lb & a 4.10 rear end should be able to tow over 14K, which is what I need.
I plan to tow more like 10k to 11K, but feel a 20% safety margin is prudent!

Another issue I wonder about is, why a Toyota Tundra w/5.7L V8 (381 hp & 401 ft-lb), using a 4.30 rear end, can only tow about 10,200 lb. When a 2500 Chevy Silverado w/ 6.0L V8 (360 hp & 380 ft-lb), using a 4.10 rear end, is rated to tow 14,500 lbs. The Chevy also has a curb weight of almost 1K lb more. Another difference is the Chevy has a much bigger payload. But, if weight on the box is a issue, I would think I could buy buster shocks/springs of some type. I have done this with cars, to pull a boat, along with 1/2 ton trucks to carry a heavy load. Maybe I was just lucky, but I never had any problem doing this.

Below are stated ratings & capabilities from GM's & Toyota's web sites:

2016 2500 Reg Cab, Long Box WT RWD, 6.0L V8 (360 hp & 380 ft-lb torque)
Curb Weight 5817 lbs, Max Payload 3534 lbs, Max GVWR 9300 lbs
Max Conventional Trailering, w/4.10 Rear Axle 14,500 lbs and Max 5th Wheel Trailering, 14,800 lbs

2016 Tundra Reg Cab, Long Bed 2WD, w/5.7L V8 (381 hp & 401 ft-lb torque)
Curb Weight 4940 Max Payload 2060 Max tow cap, 10,500 lb {w/4.3 rear gears & towing package}
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Re: Why 1/2 ton trucks can't pull more using a higher axle r

Unread postby Little Kopit on Tue May 17, 2016 5:40 am

I have a 2008 Dodge Ram pick up. I recall that its payload was higher than some other pickups that year.

Point 2:.................what is over here from Europe. I used to be in touch with a chap from The Netherlands. They had pickups and other vehicles with much tougher packages.

Well, maybe look at rigs made for other countries that EU also. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand....... I'm thinking along the line of fewer gadgets, cup holders, etc, more real useful features.

Or, N. Am manufacturers seem to think a rig has to look big and beefy to be sturdy ....

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