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Camper Wiring

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Camper Wiring

Unread postby jedi on Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:34 pm

Newbie to the RV world,

I'm in the process of purchasing a late model 9-6 camper and was wondering how the electrical is hooked up to the camper. The vehicle is a late model Ford, does the electrical for the camper come off of the 7 pin connector or does it get wired directly to the battery through a fuse or relay. Also does the camper battery get charged from the alternator on the vehicle or does it have to be charged through it's own charger.
Sort of suspect it uses the 7 pin connector for tail lights, brake lights,charging etc., if the 7 pin is used how do you supply elctrical to the trailer for the trailer brakes and lights, does that require making a dual 7 pin connector?

Thanks in Advance
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