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Hail & 70 MPH winds......whew!

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Hail & 70 MPH winds......whew!

Unread postby antiqfreq on Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:53 am

I've camped in some pretty rainy & windy weather before but NEVER like it was this past weekend at Markham Park in South Florida. I saw the sky getting pretty black - turned on the TV to check it out - saw just North of us was a tornado warning near Lake Okeechobee. Then 2 funnel clouds spotted near Hobe Sound & Stuart. Okay, I think, that is North of us, but what I am looking at was South West of us - coming from the everglades. Our campsite was just the other side of the levee and we had NO trees at all (blown down from Hurricane Wilma a few years back). So IF a bad storm comes off the Everglades we are gonna get the brunt of it and we'll get it first. Well, get it we DID!........

My hubby got our awning up - thank goodness - and I was in our friends 33 ft fiver playing cards - and the rain and the wind came. We tried to open the door up, but couldn't. The rain was going sideways against it. The guys ran over and tried to close the awning but the winds were too strong so they just hung on to it. Never thought the DH's weight of 250 would pay off - but it did! Those two guys hung on for dear life to that awning. Then the hail came. My friend and I watched our guys get pelted with that hail for about 5 minutes. Then finally everything stopped..........

The awning was saved. The guys were okay. Soaked to the gills but they were happy they saved that awning. You see we both just got our fivers in February and they are brand new. I am heading back to my fiver, thinking that the hail has probably busted out my beautiful big picture window in the back of the trailer, but it didn't!

All is okay, but my friend & I made sure we knew where each exit window was in case it blew over. Cause it was rocking pretty good!

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Re: Hail & 70 MPH winds......whew!

Unread postby skipnchar on Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:36 pm

Glad everything worked out OK for you. We just returned this morning from 10 days in a local campground and had three nights in a row of similar weather. 50 to 80 mph winds each night with torrential rain and lots of lightening. We had one neighbor (apparently not too bright) who had tents blow into the lake each of the three nights. I finally told him this morning, as he once again fished one out, that the lake was a poor storage place for tents LOL. The only real problem with winds that strong is what they can do to a slide topper but mine survived them all, fortunately.
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