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!000 bites and two flat tires later!!!!

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!000 bites and two flat tires later!!!!

Unread postby britta3bryson on Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:58 pm

After making sure that my youngest daughter made it safe to Texas, my husband, our pup and myself began our trip south to Mulege for a four week needed vacation...
We left Rosarito, where we live, and headed to San Quintin to stay on the beach with our friend, Fidel, at Pableon Rv Park.
The next morning we went to the Seafood warehouse and bought crab to fix for our our first evening in Mulege. We stayed in Guerro Negro our second eveningand then went on to Mulege thefollowing morning.. We were definitely taking our time and in no rush so it was a very enjoyable trip.
The road for the most part was in good shape, not quite wide enought for me when you are riding in the passenger seat of a 31 foot motorhome.
We talked to some travelers and they told us Coyote Beach was pretty crowded and dirty so we opted for Santispak.
Santispak has a great straight in entrance, very clean and new Palapas. We were told the bathrooms were clean and there was a free dump station. Plus an added bonus of Annas restaurant, yum very good.
My husband cracked the crab and we proceeded to heat them in butter and lots of papricka...OMG soooo good.
We sat outside that evening and enjoyed all the beach noises and watched the sailboat lights in the bay..
My husband commented how he had gotten a few bites while relaxing outside...I guess I was imunne or I thought. The next morning I woke up and was covered from head to toewith bites and so was he. We were told they were no-seeums and that they came from the bushes behind the bathrooms.
The next week was a week from hell. Up all night itching, scratching , putting anything we could on it to relieve the itching.. Thank goodness we carried a bottle of pure alcohol with us, used to clean something in the back of the refrigerator.
The alcohol did give a couple of hours releief. If we sat in the sun or if we got too warm it would itch even more...The salt water helped to sooth us but then we suffered because of getting our bodies heated. To this day I still have a few spots that will not go away and catch myself starting to scratch... A lesson learned...Always put your insect repellent on even if you don't see any.
Our neighbors ran their generator every day into the evening hours. I guess we could have moved but we had already settled in and we did like our neighbors on the other side.
The vendors brought us everything we needed. Water, tamales, empanades, etc, etc . The fisherman brought delicious fresh seafood..I think all in all I added at least ten pounds.
As on any trip we met friendly RVers, Canadians , Americans, Mexicans.
We left Mulege a week early and decided to go to Bahia De Los Angeles. Thats a whole other story and will get into that another time..We stayed one night and left the next morning and headed home.
On our way back to Highway 1from Bahia we had a blow out. Our left rear tire blew and the one next to it was damaged. It did not go flat but we needed to put on our spare as my husband did not want to drive on the low semi-good one..Fortunately for us there was a small road crew working near by and with their assistance we were able to get moving again.They were such nice kids and were very happy to get the cold sodas and a little extra money in their pockets.
Six kilometers later we came to a Tire Shop and the man was able to fix our damaged inside tire and so with out a spare we drove to San Quentin and spent three nights at the Don Eddies RV Park.
We didn't know quite what to expect as we had heard Don Eddie had passed away and wasn't sure if it would even be open.
Don Eddies son brought a cousin in , who was very nice and is trying to reorganize and get things put back in shape.
All in all it wasn't the best trip we've ever had, but we still managed to have fun and will certainly do it again next year.
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Re: !000 bites and two flat tires later!!!!

Unread postby frank on Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:40 am

I hope things get much better for you
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Re: !000 bites and two flat tires later!!!!

Unread postby britta3bryson on Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:46 am

Thanks Frank, we are already trying to decide where to go next. That is, after we purchase a new spare.
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