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Unread postby Little Kopit on Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:02 pm


You know you are boondocking when :

1. There is no one else around you.

2. Nature calls, you answer and don’t check to see if anyone is watching.

3. Your daily hot water shower is when you strip down and jump in and don’t care if anyone is watching.

4. You run a trout line at night.

5. You eat trout for breakfast.

6. The only other vehicles you have seen in a week are eight quads ( mebbe the same one eight times) and five pickups.

7. You ran out of beer three days ago.

8. Your bowl of berries is always full.

9. You forgot your razor and it doesn’t matter.

10. Your biggest chore is hauling water.

11. Your campfire and the sunset are called ‘’Don’ git no betta’ than this, dude’’.

12. After sunset, you hit the hay.

13.You don’t know what day it is.

14.You don’t care either.

15.On a rainy day, you sleep.

16. Last night’s spaghetti re-heated is not a bad meal.

17. Cruising the dirt roads during the afternoon is a way of life.

18. You slept outside last night.

19. You wash your dishes with sand.

20. AND the BEST………You can hear the silence.

Now my brother-in-law, owner and operator of a big rig considers it boondocking when:

1. There’s not enough amperage to run all his accessories at the same time.
2. He has no cable connection.
3. His cell phone is in a ‘’dead’’ zone.
4. He cannot get a daily paper.
5. He ran out of propane for his BBQ.
6. On rainy days, he and his wife hold Scrabble Tournaments.
7. Exploring is riding around his 5-star campground on a bike checking out all the other big rigs.
8. He is next to a Class B, and therefore does not talk to them.
9. He has to take a shower at the campground and gripes because he is paying thirty bucks a day and the showers are metered.
10. He does not re-heat last night’s spaghetti.
11. His best camping friends are snowbirds and they too do not have cable connections.
12. The campground does not have a golf course.
13. Bingo Nite is the hi-light of the week.
14. They go into town to eat at a restaurant midway through their stay.
15. Hearing silence is when the neighbours’ kids are sleeping or off to the pool and the generator is shut down.

& I, I took the road less travelled by

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Re: Boondocking

Unread postby Limey on Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:03 pm

7. You ran out of beer three days ago.

..and that, right there, is a good reason why I rarely boondock! :mrgreen:
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