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Left in 4wd all the way to Morgantown.

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Left in 4wd all the way to Morgantown.

Unread postby cavy16262 on Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:07 pm

Last year, I anxiously awaited the chance to drive the new (to me anyway) diesel truck to the beach.
My wife had to work until 12 noon so our normal departure of 5:30 am was a thing of the past.
I was ready with the kids by 11 and took a quick shower (you know how sweaty we get loading and hooking).
Came out and it was raining like crazy. We jumped in the truck and started to pull UP through the front yard.
With the really wet ground, I decided to use the 4 Hi feature on the truck to not MUD the trailer.
20 miles down Pa Route 28 and my wife was not happy that the truck was working so hard to pull the trailer...I told her it would be the greatest thing having a diesel to pull and I paid $26,000 for the 2006 was working hard and I didn't know why.
We stopped for dinner outside of Morgantown WV. When starting out again, I was taking a tight turn real wide and noticed the tell-tale front end shimmy as the front axle and back axle worked "in harmony."
I looked quickly at the 'push button' electronic shift for the 4 wheel drive and noticed after around 3 hours, I had run in 4 HI all the way to dinner.
Fortunately, nothing happened bad and the rest of the trip was maint. free.
I'll never go back to a gas tow vehicle if I can afford the diesel. World of difference.
Myrtle Beach 09 002.jpg
The heavy rain as we left...captured by the daughter from the back seat
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Re: Left in 4wd all the way to Morgantown.

Unread postby pwall on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:46 pm

Glad to hear that the drivetrain didn't suffer any damage, that would truly suck.

I agree 100% about the diesel....after towing with diesel, I would not want to go back to gas. :)
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Re: Left in 4wd all the way to Morgantown.

Unread postby Ontariofarmer on Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:54 am

I would probably agree that diesel is the way to go.......BUT.....I just can't justify the price difference. I was looking for a truck to pull the 5er we got a few months back, and couldn't believe the difference. We bought our gas for about 10 grand less.

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