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Be a Pan American Highway RVer!!!

For our overseas members, or members planning to travel and RV overseas.

Be a Pan American Highway RVer!!!

Unread postby RVu2 on Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:09 am

Camping Mexico, Central, and South America by Motorhome Down the Pan American Highway in a RV!
part 1

For virtually any adventurous RV’er -- touring the tropics in one’s own unit is a dream-
especially when the designation is South America! - It’s not a “dream” anymore -- this past August our RV Expedition departed southbound from McAllen, TX. - It was Trek of the Americas. These people have previously done these expeditions since 1996 (starting scouting in 1993).

Two days prior to departure the participants gathered and had the units re-checked by Adventuretours Staff. It had been an awaited time- but there were still “last minute” items that were over looked and made those last 2 days went fast!

The RV’er should be reassured when, the expedition staff inspects the RV. This will save inconveniences during the trip. It is very important to be sure you have the proper equipment and spare parts (later in the journey you will see why)? You also may be asked to complete a product survey form, if you were given a RV product for testing, and, of course, you can keep the product! Bridgestone Tires, Camco Manufacturing, Thetford, Carefree, Nature Pure, are some of the manufacturers we do product testing for.

After all the reviews, inspections, checks and re checks, paperwork, insurance we were finally at the border with Mexico (our first frontier!). The early morning crossing was a breeze- we had pre-done our paperwork! The group passed through the city of Matamoros, Tamps. Mexico in the pre-dawn hours (before heavy traffic) and we were quickly enroute on the “open road” southbound past the northern Tamaulipas farmlands.

On the first night on the Gulf Coast Beach we watched the Dolphins when a Mexican man and his family drove up in their VW Bug ran out and quickly raised the front “hood”- We ran over to see the problem- only to find a very huge crab stuck down in a crevice with the electrical wire in his claws. We assisted our newly made Mexican friend, and in 20 minutes or so, had the giant crab removed and crawling back toward the Gulf of Mexico!

For most of the group, Mexico was “old stuff” but the area was still enjoyed as we quickly past through the Gulf Coast, Veracruz, and into the State of Oaxaca where crossing to the Pacific over the Isthmus! Many of the old broken-up highways of Mexico have been improved but there were still some “Mucho Rougho” areas.

Different types of people and geographical changes are obvious upon the crossing into Guatemala, Central America. Most noted are the Mayan Indians, and the beautiful green jungle growth in the mountains after the border crossing. The culture was so different than what had been seen in Mexico.

The border crossings into Central American countries are unique experiences. There are numerous “steps” to be followed, and must be done ‘in order’, which the trip leader will handle. It can be very interesting to sit back and observe all the border activities, tourism, and the different commerce that takes place.

After finishing with the border crossing, we visited our first hot springs resort, located about 200 miles into Guatemala. It has natural hot water, heated from the nearby volcano, and fed by underground rivers to the camp.

So much for those luxuries (hot pools, Jacuzzi, and deluxe seafood restaurants), little time will be spent in Central America - we must continue ahead to meet our shipping date, in Panama, to Peru, South America.

After Guatemala, the Pan American Highway is followed to El Salvador. Here the routing follows the Pacific Coast, with some of the most picturesque seascapes to be seen. A surprise enroute gastronomic experience was the oceanfront encounter with the world’s best tasting fish: Corvina.

Just a couple of hours through the country of Honduras, and into Nicaragua. The most noticeable natural wonder of this country was the 100 mile long Lake Nicaragua, which we traveled parallel to on the Pan American Highway.

Costa Rica was next, with some very beautiful natural landscapes, however if you have a encounter with the Traffic Police, it can soured the beauty of the country. You must watch for the radar police at all times. We shopped the shopping center in San Jose, and enjoyed a very good pizza, at Pizza Hut which served CocaCola, instead of Pepsi.

The last Central American country, Panama, was a pleasant driving experience. Unlike the rough roads of Costa Rica, Panama has very good concrete highways. One notable place on the Pan Am, was in central Panama, where a airport runway, actually crosses the Pan American Highway. Gates are lower to stop traffic during aircraft landings!

We stayed on the former American Military Base in Panama, now operated by the Panama government. The old officers’club swimming pool was still very refreshing in the tropical climate. Bird watching is also very good at this location.

NEXT: “Traveling South America in a RV (Casarodante or Casa Mobil)…
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Re: Be a Pan American Highway RVer!!!

Unread postby Little Kopit on Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:31 pm

Please keep these posts coming.

South America is a trip I won't be able to do, but I want to read your trip reports.

Do you have photo series online?

& I, I took the road less travelled by

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Re: Be a Pan American Highway RVer!!!

Unread postby RVu2 on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:01 pm

I am trying to set one up soon....thanks
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Re: Be a Pan American Highway RVer!!!

Unread postby Smchen44 on Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:41 am

How often do you plan these trips? We are Canadians and just bought a fifth wheel. In 4-6 years we are retiring, early retirement, and hope to Rv between Mexico and the states. Can anyone join up?

Thank you,

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