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Our trip Boise Idaho to South Rim Grand Canyon

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Our trip Boise Idaho to South Rim Grand Canyon

Unread postby jemek on Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:16 am

Okay....we are travelling to Pinetop,AZ for a the family reunion.

We are going down early and taking the kids to the Grand Canyon first.. Orginally it was going to be Via Las Vegas, as I my mom, brother and sister and families were going to do a couple of days in I had the route figured out.

Well as they say the best laid plans of mice and turn's out they have more vacation time after the reunion vs before we do not have the after as DH has to be back to work soon after.

Sorry about the rambling...
so in google mapped the Boise, Idaho to South Rim of the Grand Canyon and this is the route it gave
1-84 to I-15 (no big deal..I have driven the Boise - Salt Lake drive before)
Then they have us get off I-15 onto Hwy 20 ??
Then Hwy 89
Then Hwy 64 (Arizona)

It has been years...well 17 to be exact that we did the north rim so I am sure I drove some of this..I do recall that I think it took us on a bit of a different route..that had a narrow tunnel??? I think that was Zion Canyon area.

So has anyone driven this route..we have a 31ft TT...
Or is the a different route??

Would it be just as fast to take the interstate to Las Vegas and then over Hoover Dam and then to the Grand Canyon?
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