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Damage to rv exterior

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Damage to rv exterior

Unread postby Razzmatazz! on Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:46 pm

I'm on my own so need advice.
I have a 2011 coachman freelander 21qb. I take exceptional care of it. Just washed it so I know there was
Nothing wrong with exterior.
I took it to the Ford dealer that I get it serviced at to ask about doing some kind of soldering -welding on my bike holders on
On my flat rear bike rack.
The body shop guys talked about it and came up with a
plan. I was told at service deskthey would probably not do it until next week. The autobody guys wanted to do it right away. The rack was locked onto my hitch and I went through
All of my keys but did not have the right one. I told them
I would need to go home to get the key so I would book to
Get the work done next week. I said I probably had the key.
they told me they could easily cut the lock off rather than
me driving back ... the lock was only 10 dollars so I said ok.
I did not realize they were going to use some kind of electrical
Saw with sparks flying everywhere?!! I said stop! I asked
If that was safe and also if it was going to do damage.
Sparks were going up the rear of the back exterior wall.
They put cardboard there and continued but sparks went underneath. The one guy said hope the cardboard doesn't catch fire. I was clearly unhappy about this and kept saying the sparks were going underneath etc.
The got the lock off after ten minutes of this.
I left the rack there to be worked on.
I was very concerned so when I got home I noticed a small hole in a rear decal.
I'm stressed out as I'm thinking they probably did
more damage than I can tell because I don't know about what to look for.
I'm mad at myself for not demanding they stop but I thought they Knew what they were doing. I'm a single woman and I did feel a tad intimidated.
》Is it ok to use tools that spark right next to an rv exterior wall?
》How should I handle this?
☆if the guy was saying the cardboard might catch fire
What was happening to my RV wall?
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Re: Damage to rv exterior

Unread postby RonJK on Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:56 pm

Usually the sparks that come from the cutting wheel will not damage the wall or catch the cardboard on fire.

I have used a cutting wheel in other instances and the sparks hit your skin, but do not burn.

I am thinking whoever said the cardboard could catch fire was giving the chain a little yank.

Not too worry, they probably did not hurt the back of your motor home.
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Re: Damage to rv exterior

Unread postby Razzmatazz! on Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:37 pm

Ok thx for taking the time to tell me!
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