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Dish satellites and Winegard domes.

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Dish satellites and Winegard domes.

Unread postby Charliechan on Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:46 pm

I have a Winegard RT 4035 dome on my RV and it has been working great. Very recently I powered up to get ready for a trip and could not get the winegard to acquire the Dish satellites that are used for service. Dish arc uses satellites 119 and 110. My system normally goes around to 119 and starts a fine tuning for about 6 minutes then enters sleep mode and all service is fine, parked and in-motion.

Now the system goes to 119, enters fine tuning for 1-2 minutes then starts seeking again, finds 119 and 1-2 minutes later starts looking again. Will do this for as long as power is applied. I contacted Winegard tech services and received the following e-mail.

"Due to a recent change that DISH performed to their satellites in the sky our dome styles satellites that were manufactured before 2013 are no longer able to consistently identify the signals as being from a DISH satellite. We are offering our customers a discounted price on an upgraded model ."

I can't understand Dish and what is going on. Trying to find out if I can switch to Direct TV and will it work. Ive been a Dish customer for 12 years and no advance warning of this. I called Dish tech service and they know nothing and offer no help or concern. Now additional cost for equipment and installation?

This post is for info to Winegard owners.


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Re: Dish satellites and Winegard domes.

Unread postby RonJK on Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:59 pm

Thanks for the heads up

This kind of info is always helpful.
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Re: Dish satellites and Winegard domes.

Unread postby hfbundy on Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:23 pm

I have had a Dish subscription for about 18 years and just sold a Winegard Carryout that was working fine with a Dish receiver. However, Dish made changes to their signal about the time frame you are talking about which required me to check both Dish 500 and Superdish (I believe) to make it work. I had neither of these. With that setup change, it continued to work. I now have a Carryout Gen 2, which I purchased because it was easier to stow. I went to the portables because about 10 years ago I had a Winegard antenna installed on my pickup camper that I was having trouble with. The representative told me that the only thing I could do with it was take it off and throw it away because they no longer stocked parts for it. I eventually got it to work on my own, but decided I would never install an antenna on my camper that might become a piece of worthless junk.
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