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97 Coachmen F53 460 – Need some suggestions for an engine pr

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97 Coachmen F53 460 – Need some suggestions for an engine pr

Unread postby howardmcc on Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:25 pm

I have a problem that I am trying to resolve and I am hoping that the RV forum family can give me some advice or suggestions. I have a 1997 Coachmen Catalina, F53 460 and I am encountering issues when I take off or when (not always just occasionally) when I slow down. I have replaced the fuel filter and get good gas flow from the fuel pump. I will do my best to explain the issue that I am having.

When I start up the RV I will turn the key to on and then off (I will do this about two times) and then it will turn over fine and idle great and sometimes when I rev the engine it will sputter and sometimes will die, but I will restart it and it will run great. There are times when the RV starts fine and idles great, but when we are taking off the engine will sputter, backfire (from the tail pipe) and will not die, but it will not speed up (nothing over 35 mph) at all. When I turn off the key and start it up again the RV runs fine. It is like rebooting a computer and it seems the problem will correct itself. It will run rough at times but rarely and yesterday when driving the check engine light does come on but rarely, but I would stop turn off the key and restart, light goes off and everything is fine. Last night I hooked up the OBD I diagnostic tester and I got the following memory codes showed: 111 (System checks OK); 10; 172; 181; 153 and from the codes: 111 is system ok, 10 is ???; 172 (Oxygen sensor not switching – system is or was lean – Single, Right or Rear HO2S – Fuel control); 181 (Fuel system was lean at part throttle Single, Right or Rear HO2S – Fuel control); 543 (Fuel pump monitor circuit shows no power – Power / Fuel Pump Circuits), Based on that I am thinking of replacing the HO2S and then not sure about the monitor circuit showing no power.

I apologize for a lengthy description but I wanted to give you all a somewhat clear picture of what is going on. I should also note that I put some Seafoam when we took off on our trip last Friday.

Ok – any ideas, helps or suggestions?

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